10 Sexting Examples That Lust-Up Your Love Life

Sexting is all the craze, and lately it's gotten a bad wrap because kids have been doing it, and it's led to a few very controversial incidents.

However, that doesn't mean that sexting can't be a TON of fun, and can be used as an excellent tool to spice up relationships.

Sexting examples include:

1) Sexing Examples At Work

The work place is a great place to use sexting with your partner. Nothing beats the mid day blues more than a steamy hot sext message that paints a pleasing picture in your mind, and gives you something to look forward to when you get home!

Sexting example: "I don't know what you did to me last night .. but my body is aching for you. What time are you off work?"

2) Sexting Examples At Dinner

When you're at a dinner party with your lover, send them a sultry sext message from across the table. Since it's a private (and kinky) interaction while sharing a public space, it's 10 times more naughty, and a lot more fun!

Sexting example: "You look so f*cking hot right now I want to pounce across the table and ___"

3) Sexting Examples For Flirting

If there's a special someone you want to flirt with, be it someone old or someone new, sending them a suggestive text message can often get a really quick response. The trick is, to be subtle enough and allow them to draw their OWN conclusion about the sexual undertone involved - that way the electrifying sensations will come from within, making them that much hotter for you.

Sexting example: "You're driving me absolutely CRAZY over here..."

4) Sexting Examples For Teasing

Nothing hits home harder than simply describing to your partner how turned on you are for them, but can't have them because you're not together in person. It's the old "want what you can't have" idea. To top it off, you can talk about what it's making you DO to yourself as a result in a follow up sext.

Sexting example: "My ____ is soooo _____ for you right now ... can you teleport here immediately please?"

5) Sexting Examples Of Desire

This is where things start to get direct and straight forward. Similar to sexting examples of teasing, these talk about yourself - but the only difference is, that with sexting examples of desire, you're being explicit about what you want.

Sexting example: "I want to ____ your ____ when I get home tonight..."

6) Sexting Examples Of Passion

Sometimes, just describing the beautiful sexual feelings you have inside your body (or in this case, your pants) can really make your partner stop, smile, and usually, bite their lip. If you're feeling emotional, this is the best type of sext to send.

Sexting example: "You know, there's something so special about you that I can't put my finger on it. My ___, on the other hand..."

7) Sexting Examples Of Pleasure

One of the most effective techniques of sexting is to draw attention to the fact that you cannot act on the naughty things you want to do to each other. What you can do to your SELF, on the other hand, is totally up to you. By communicating your own naughty behavior, it sends shock waves of sexual anticipation directly into your lovers loins!

Sexting example: "I can't stop touching myself just thinking about you _____"

8) Sexting Examples With Pictures

Ever since phones got smarter, the sexting potential got 10 times hotter. Sending a provocative picture with a couple well chosen words almost always sends riveting jolts of sexual electricity directly down your lovers spine. Think classic "myspace pose" with a naughtier twist, with clothes coming off.

Sexting example with pic: "You like? ;)"

9) Sexting Examples With Emoticons

A wink face can be the icing on the cake (as seen above). Sexting emoticons are usually winks, big smiles, and hearts. You can use any characters that you like, but here are the ones I use on a regular basis:

Sexting emoticon examples: ";-P" or " :-D" or "<3" style="font-size:130%;">10) Sexting Examples With Practice

One thing about sexting, like with anything else, you get better with it the more you do it. It's best to try new things on a regular basis, and find a style that works for YOU until you develop your own methodology and super sexting techniques.

However, trail and error means you can fail :-/

Thats why your best bet is to check out the hottest resources on sexting and learning how to do it right the FIRST time, or at the very least, have some surefire sexting messages that work every time.

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